Thursday, February 26, 2015

Where the heck is Karin Hiebert?

February 26, 2015 Updated photo! (Finally) 

Hey, I'm still around!
This blog is here so that when you Google my name, you'll find me! 

All across the web, on all social media platforms you can easily find me!

I go by my name "Karin Hiebert" it's pretty basic, simply go to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else...type in my name........AND there I'll be!

You can add me, follow me, check out photos, or check out what's happening in the hair salon business by visiting my other blog at >>>> One Salon and Spa in Winnipeg 

You know I'm on YouTube right?

Karin Hiebert on YouTube

Here's a new updated pic for you! It's about time right!!???

No my hair isn't green, it's just a filter of green color...although I'm planning on adding some blue, or pastel color to the blonde with our new Pravana Hair Color (I'm in love with that color line!)

I'll post pics! Check them out...visit those social media sites, and visit the new blog! Link is above ~ or if you're in Winnipeg stop by the salon and say hello!